Kyle grew up in Whitby, Ontario, and after graduating college in Adventure Tourism, moved to Whistler, BC in 2006 and have been living in the Pacific Northwest since. Fascinated with the outdoors, and pushing mental limits, sports has been a focal point in life and exploring the mind in adventure settings. This transitioned into photography in 2010 and capturing the landscapes and activities he explored. Being curious on exploring his own emotions and creating a narrative within photographs he started self portraiture. ​

Kyle is a self taught photographer that has been developing this practice through exploring light, shapes,landscapes and emotions. He has been to a residency in Paonia, Colorado and Clifton Springs, NY, which explored comfort zones, and narrating past experiences. ​ ​

Artist Statement Kyle's work has been formed with a critical view of his emotions and past experiences. Through deconstructing his own emotions, from fears, anxiety and understanding where they are based from, he has created narratives that help support his thoughts and ideas. These are primarily based around social conditioning, and how that can play affect to ones own responses over time. Through facing these fears directly, Kyle looks to questions not just himself but also social constructs. Using photography as a primary means of capturing and narrating such scenes. ​

CV ​


Main Street Arts - November, December 2018

Elsewhere Studio - April 2017


Residency Alumni Exhibition - April - May - 2019

Swatch Art and Soul - April - 2019

Altered Spaces - Fort Gallery - Juried show - August 2018

Maury Young Arts Center - October 2017. ​


2018 The Pique

https://www.piquenewsmagazine.com/whistler/whistler-photographer-steps-in-front-of-the-lens/Content?oid=10294834 ​ 2016

The Pique Disciples of light and shadow 

http://www.piquenewsmagazine.com/whistler/disciples-of-light-and-shadow/Content?oid=2805107 ​ 2015 Whistler Question 

Nudes in Nature

http://www.whistlerquestion.com/entertainment/arts/forest-photos-send-locals-on-an-art-hunt-1.2071741 ​


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