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Arzeena and Neil - Amara Farm
Organic Farm

An organic farm based in the Comox Valley. The variety of plants this farm has was simply a beautiful sight, while being shown the garlic bulbs they showed ones coming from the lower mainland and another that were coming from the same plot of land, the variance was remarkable on how much larger the ones grown in the same land had become. Understanding quickly the plight that arises when in challenging conditions and needs to adapt. When asked about what measures were being done at there own farm in the assistance to mitigate climate change and one of the methods were planting more fruit trees hoping they take to the area to provide more shade which can help lower temperatures and keep moisture in the soil for longer. 

The passion and love Arzeena and Neil have for what they do is felt without even saying a word. Buying local organic helps small business, cuts down on transportation costs not having to ship far, and is much healthier for oneself.

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