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Audain Art Museum in Whistler

Updated: Feb 28

The Audain Art Museum, designed by Patkau Architects, opened to the public in 2016 this buiding is a must see. This site for myself dates back quite a ways as I originally started working here in 2009 for the Resort Municipality of Whistler in Village Maintenance. After a couple years when the site was selected to become a new museum we were moved to the Library.

Knowing the new museum was being built, I also wanted the opportunity to work at such a place and started working there as head guard which slowly transitioned into Art Handling a few years in. It was a honor working in such a place with incredible team, incredible art, in an incredible building. Through the years I photographed it on several occassions for my own portfolio building and just simplicity of capturing a truely breathtaking architecturally stunning building.

Showing the Audain Art Museum in the evening shot from underneath and so the side
Audain Art Museum - Whistler

An outside shot, shooting up underneath the building showing the black metal siding and part of the hallway illuminating the wood that covers it
Audain Art Museum

Photographing the long glass hallway from underneath and to the side of the building showing the reflection and all the wood paneling
Audain Art Museum in Whistler British Columbia


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