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Cortes Cliff - Designed by Amber jordan - Located in the Salish Sea

The Cortes Cliff on Cortes Island is a stunning piece of design and architecture. Perched ontop a cliff overlooking Desolation Sound, it's perfectly situated to watch stunning sun rises. The designer, Amber Jordan, did a remarkable job at putting all the elements together to create a warm and inviting environment for the clients.

Photographed from the deck looking towards the bedroom at sunrise with two tubs on the deck also
Sunrise Deck Photograph

Bedside table at sunrise with a vase and light above
Bedside Table

A rain shower with a large window that overlooks desolation sound
Beautifully Designed Shower on Cortes

Sunrise looking from the bedroom out over the deck over desolation sound with a person standing on the deck
Sunrise on Cortes Island

Evening photograph of the bedroom overlooking Desolation Sound and the Salish Sea
Evening on Cortes

Two decks ontop of each other looking desolation sound and another island
Double Deck

Blue hour of a dining room table being illuminated by orange clouds and a view you can see through the windows
Blue Hour Architecture in the Salish Sea

Entryway door open looking into the kitchen
Large Door entryway

Living room photo with 2 couches on both sides of the image facing each other then with large windows overlooking the view outside
Living Room


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