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Whistler Gateway Loop Architectural Photographs

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Took these several years ago of the Whistler Gateway Loop on Village Gate Boulevard. This space also has dramatically changed being a prior Greyhound Bus Loop with a small hill and a mini forest. The landscape has changed for more room and ease of maneuvering. The structural engineering was done by Fast + Epp.

The lighting of this structure in Whistler is breathtaking as it allows the space to really glow in the evening. When turning into Village Gate you quickly see this structure with Whistler Blackcomb behind it. It's really a perfect place to be welcomed into the village.

Taking time to understand these spaces and take these architectural photos is something that's just fun and constantly on the lookout for new places to photograph.

Whistler bus loop illuminated in the evening with evening light and a blue sky
Whistler Bus Loop

Photographed with landscaping in the foreground in the evening with a blue sky and light on
Gateway Loop Whistler


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